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Compassionate Community Outreach Programs

We distribute healthy food bags and care packages to underserved communities.

Support Our Cause

Serving the Community With Compassion and Care 

1 Step 2 Health Foundation is dedicated to offering assistance to underserved families and individuals in Richmond, Virginia. We provide free food packages and health services to help improve the quality of life and make better, more sustainable communities. All of these we do with genuine care and compassion for those who are in need.

Our Programs

The Healthy Bag and Care Package Program

Providing the community with increased access to nutritious foods and resources is one of our organization’s primary initiatives. Every month, we give away healthy bags that contain nutritious items, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, snacks, and water in different areas we serve.

Care packages are also distributed to children, men, and women during our community outreach events. In the cold months, packages also include blankets, hats, gloves, and backpacks. Personal protective equipment is also provided due to Covid-19.

Free Health Screenings 

We take pride in providing free health screenings, such as glucose testing and blood pressure checks in our outreach events. We also distribute health, fitness, and nutrition pamphlets and offer suggestions on ways for each person to make healthier lifestyle choices to improve their life expectancy.

Family Cycle Program

The Family Cycle Program is an annual event that runs from May to October. Every Saturday, we lend out bikes and helmets to families and individuals in the areas we serve. Please email us to make a reservation.

T-Shirts for a Cause

Our nonprofit organization sells t-shirts to help raise funds for our programs. Every shirt you buy from us will greatly help our organization in continuing our efforts to help the communities we serve. Please get in touch with us to make a purchase or learn more about our products.

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